What to Expect at your First Assisted Stretching Session with iFlex Stretch Studios

What to Expect at your First Assisted Stretching Session with iFlex Stretch Studios

Patient doing a vertical leg raise.

Assisted stretch therapy can result in an improvement in flexibility, reduction of pain and tightness, and can even reduce the risk of future injury. Attending your first assisted stretching session may be intimidating – especially if you don’t know what to expect. Some assisted stretching studios are dark and dingy with little to no privacy, others place you in the corner or provide sub-par equipment. 

At iFlex Stretch Studios, we’re committed to help you get the most out of your stretch therapy session. We do this by prioritizing your privacy, providing custom evaluations at every session and guaranteeing that your needs are in the hands of certified stretch therapists who utilize quality equipment to help you achieve your wellness goals. In this article, we’ll review what you can expect when working with us and why iFlex Stretch Studios excels in assisted stretch therapy.

Benefits of Going to an Assisted Stretch Studio

Assisted stretching is a form of stretching where an outside force applies additional resistance to your muscles. Perhaps you’ve seen professional athletes engaging in this type of stretching on the sidelines with one of their trainers! The resistance applied to your muscles during these assisted stretching sessions is much more effective than the resistance you can achieve by stretching on your own. 

While assisted stretching can be incredibly beneficial to athletes of all levels, it can also help those who simply want to improve their flexibility or seek pain relief. That being said, not every assisted stretching studio is the same. Here are some benefits you can experience by going to an iFlex Stretch Studio:

  • Sense of privacy during your session
  • Thorough evaluation of your range of motion
  • Personalized stretching based on your needs
  • Kenesio taping applied by a certified therapist
  • Post-therapy evaluation to assess improvements and create goals

At iFlex Stretch Studios, we’ve committed ourselves to creating an environment where you can achieve your health and wellness goals without sacrificing privacy or the support of certified therapists. From the moment you walk in the door, we prioritize your time and goals to help you get the most out of each session. 

So, what do you do when you arrive at one of our studios? Below we outline for you what to expect when you arrive and how iFlex Stretch Studios helps to improve your quality of life.

Preparing for Your First Assisted Stretching Session

What To Wear

To allow for the best range of motion during your stretching session, we suggest wearing loose clothing that you can comfortably move in. It also allows our therapists to better understand how your muscles are reacting to different stretches. 

Information To Bring With You

At iFlex Stretch Studio, we have simplified the onboarding process so you don’t have to waste time filling out laborious paperwork. We believe it’s better for you to spend more time one-on-one with your therapist so they can better identify areas for improvement and craft a personalized stretch to help achieve your goals.

We suggest coming five minutes before your appointment begins to allow for time for check-in with one of our staff members. They will ask a few questions about your current range of motion and pass that information along to your therapist before your session begins.

Arriving At Your First Assisted Stretch Session

Stretching Tables Arranged with Privacy in Mind

Each of the stretching tables at iFlex Stretch Studios are divided by privacy walls to provide a sense of security during your session. Each table also has a cubby to place your shoes and personal belongings in a secure area while you are working with your therapist. We believe our commitment to your privacy allows you to better relax during your session and, in turn, get even more benefits out of your time in our studio.

Initial Evaluation for Range of Motion

During your first assisted stretching session at iFlex Stretch Studios, our stretch therapists take the time to understand and evaluate your initial range of motion and will continue to do so throughout the session. They will have you perform a series of exercises to determine your starting point and identify areas for improvement.

They may also ask you about any current discomfort or tightness and about any activities you engage in throughout your normal day-to-day. All of this information helps them craft a personalized stretching program that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals. 

Continual Communication From Your Therapist

Throughout the rest of your assisted stretching session, your therapist will communicate which muscles they are working on and check in with you to ensure that you are not feeling any pain. They will also continue to evaluate your range of motion as they are working on each section of your body. 

Should Rotation Stretch

After Your First Assisted Stretching Session

Post-Therapy Evaluation

At the end of your session, your therapist will have you perform the same range of motion exercises that you did at the beginning of your session. Many clients report improvement after just one session and this end-of-session evaluation will allow you to see the results first hand. 

Personalized Recommendations for Continued Stretch Therapy

Your therapist will also write up a personalized recommendation for future sessions based on your unique wellness needs. They will identify which areas need improvement and this information will be entered into our system for your next session. 

Our Commitment to Client Health

Our team of therapists are committed to making your first assisted stretching session personalized, private and beneficial to your wellness goals. We have intentionally planned every step of the process to create an environment where you can relax and focus on improving your health and eliminating pain while working with us. 

Ready to experience a personalized assisted stretching session tailored to your body’s specific needs? Our team is standing by to assist! Contact us today and get started with our new client special!