What to Expect at iFlex Stretch Studios

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What To Expect

When Visiting Our Studios

About iFlex Stretch Studios

iFlex Stretch Studios is an emerging assisted stretch therapy brand in the health services industry that provides full-service, professional assisted stretching – empowering individuals to unlock their complete range of motion and mobility while enhancing their active lifestyle.

The brainchild of Steve and Craig Colmar, co-founders of The Joint Chiropractic, and Sean Riehl, a 30+ year licensed massage therapist, the founders of iFlex Stretch Studios have combined their expertise in chiropractic care, franchise development and neuromuscular therapy to redefine the boundaries of flexibility and holistic wellness.

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Experience The Difference

Clients who enjoy assisted stretch therapy sessions at iFlex Stretch Studios literally feel the difference when compared to other assisted stretch therapy providers. iFlex Stretch Studios is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, professional and personally tailored assisted stretch therapy in an environment that offers:

    Certified Stretch Therapists
  • All assisted stretch therapists at every studio location are iFlex-Certified professionals who are constantly learning new ways to enhance and modernize assisted stretching therapies.
  • Semi-Private Studio Tables
  • A private, yet open, stretching space is provided to each client to work with their therapist in a relaxed and low-stress environment.
  • Individualized Pre-Session and Post-Session Assessments
  • Personalized assessments are provided to every client to help track current progress and set new individual mobility goals.
  • High-Quality Assisted Stretching Equipment
  • Our assisted stretching equipment is best-in-class and modernized to fit your personalized needs - never dingy, worn or broken.
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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Read more about what iFlex Stretch Studio clients have to say about their experience.

Pat H

Star Reviews

The whole staff was pleasant to deal with and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I got more out of this session than I have from other providers. It allowed my body to release tension and start feeling better instantly.

Zarinah H

Star Reviews

This place is great. I can not rave enough about their stretching services. Staff is courteous and friendly. You will definitely see benefits and feel them too.

Frank D

Star Reviews

I had a wonderful experience at iFlex! Studio manager Jillian was friendly, helpful and informative. Stretch team Derrick and Brad were professional and productive. So glad I chose iFlex.

Elijah D

Star Reviews

My body and its flexibility has been declining over the years. I signed on for an introductory assessment and from the first session I started to see results. My trainer Efrain was patient, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I don’t usually write reviews but I had to share. Thank you iFlex!

Alex V

Star Reviews

I have been going to iFlex for a year. The difference in my body between when I walked in the door, and when I walked out is amazing. My flexibility increased so much in just one session.

Naren K

Star Reviews

Efrain is amazing. He knew a lot about muscles and body stretches. Feeling better after my first session.

Melissa F

Star Reviews

This was awesome. Dealing with some aches from my workout regimen. Derrick really knows where to hone in on the areas affected.

Mark A

Star Reviews

Efrain did a great job listening to what my issues were and targeting the stretch to those areas. He knows his stuff! I definitely feel better!