What Is Stretch Therapy and Why You’re Missing Out

What Is Stretch Therapy and Why You’re Missing Out

Therapists helping people stretch.

Perhaps you already know how to stretch, but are curious how assisted stretch therapy could be beneficial to you. Professional athletes utilize this method of therapy to help their performance, but you can also benefit from stretch therapy, even if your lifestyle isn’t as active, because it can help you move around your day to day more easily and comfortably. 

What is Stretch Therapy?

Stretch therapy is a method of deep stretches guided by trained specialists who can determine where your body is tense and help you increase your range of motion and flexibility. The stretch therapists at iFlex Stretch Studios incorporate a flexibility assessment at the beginning and end of each session to determine areas of your body that need improvement. This allows them to cater each session to your specific needs and goals. 

Our stretch therapists will guide you through a series of movements and stretches to release tension and improve your range of motion for different muscles and joints. This helps you achieve a more targeted and effective stretch than you would be able to obtain on your own.


Benefits of Stretch Therapy

Stretch therapy helps you get a deeper, more effective stretch. This results in several other benefits that help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Some of those benefits include:

Increased Range of Motion

Your range of motion can change as you age or after physical activity. Your muscles become tight and keep you from meeting your physical goals because you aren’t able to use your muscles to their full ability. Whether you want to run a race or perform simple tasks at home, assisted stretch therapy can help you feel and move better. 

Assisted stretching helps you to move more easily because a stretch therapist will guide you through movements to loosen tension in your body and increase blood flow. This can lead to improved flexibility, decreased risk of injury, and improved athletic performance.

Shortened Recovery Time

Because stretch therapy increases blood flow to your muscles and circulation in your body, it can also help cut down on your recovery time! Effective stretching is an important part of physical recovery and can cut down on soreness.

Improved Posture

Effective stretching can activate your deep postural muscles, helping improve your posture, but stretching on your own may not see the same results as stretch therapy. Stretching with a certified therapist can help ensure that your stretches are effective enough to trigger the right muscles to see and feel the results you need.

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Proper Stretching Techniques

If you know the basics of how to stretch and you want to do your own stretching, it’s possible to get some benefit from it. However, you may also stretch in the wrong way and hurt your muscles. You might not stretch them enough, and you likely wouldn’t know the proper muscles that need to be stretched. 

Doing your own stretching can make it difficult to know the proper directions and the right amount of pressure for the stretches. To get the most benefit from your stretching, you need someone who knows exactly how to stretch for optimal results. Most people don’t stretch enough, or perhaps not even at all. Others only stretch if they are doing something athletic, but it’s needed no matter what your level of activity. 

When you attend stretch therapy, a trained professional guides you through the proper movements. That one-on-one time with your stretch therapist helps your specific needs be met through proper stretching. Every session is personalized to your needs and goals so that you can get the most from the experience. In some cases, the stretch therapist will have you relax your muscles to allow them to move them properly. In other cases, they will have you work specific muscles in conjunction with their actions. 

Overall, stretch therapy offers you a way to improve your body’s functions. It helps your muscles, joints, and connective tissues work more effectively and helps you avoid problems like injuries and stiffness. 

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