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Our story

Meet iFlex Stretch Studios

Founded by Steve and Craig Colmar, co-founders of the Joint Chiropractic, along with leading Joint franchisee James Adelman and nationally known massage therapy expert Sean Reihl, iFlex Stretch Studios is an emerging assisted stretch therapy concept created to revolutionize assisted stretch therapy within the holistic wellness space.

Drawing from their backgrounds in chiropractic care, franchise development, and neuromuscular therapy, the founders of iFlex Stretch Studios are on a mission to redefine the boundaries of flexibility, mobility, natural pain reduction, and holistic well-being. iFlex Stretch Studios is a testament to their collective commitment to innovation, delivering a fresh, effective and inexpensive approach to personalized assisted stretching.

Our Mission

To enhance our client’s active lifestyles through professional and personally tailored assisted stretch therapies. We are committed to providing best-in-class services to help customers gain flexibility, prevent injuries, increase performance, and promote faster recovery and range of motion.

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About iFlex Stretch Studios

At iFlex Stretch Studios, we offer personalized and professional assisted-stretch therapy services, ensuring that each customer receives a custom-created mobility assessment by iFlex-Certified stretch therapists before and after each session. Our primary focus is to help everyone increase their range of motion to support a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Our teams specialize in providing comprehensive services that are designed to empower everyone, everywhere with the ability to optimize their mobility. Our holistic approach to health and wellness aims to elevate the active lifestyle of each client, promoting overall well-being and vitality. Experience the transformative effects of a semi-private, professional assisted stretching session at iFlex Stretch Studios and experience the difference.

The Opportunity

Own an iFlex Stretch Studio Franchise

From the founders of The Joint Chiropractic, be a part of the newest health and wellness trend by owning a professional assisted stretch therapy studio by iFlex Stretch Studios.

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Assisted Stretch Therapist Careers


We’re looking for the best and brightest who want to make a positive impact on the lives of others by becoming an iFlex-Certified Assisted Stretch Therapist. Interested? Contact us today to apply at a studio location near you!

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