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Kenesio taping is a specialized tape that is soft, flexible, and very stretchy. When we apply kensio tape to an area, it gently draws the two ends of that area together. This supports the tissues underneath, giving them a little rest, and increases blood and lymph flow in the area. In areas that have been neurologically inhibited, the kenesio tape allows the muscles to sightly shorten, regaining their full strength and neurological control. For areas that are tight, we will apply kensio tape to the opposite side of the joint, in order to gently stretch the tight side. For areas that are unstable, or painful, applying kenesio tape can help support the area and reduce pain. Kenesio taping is a free option with your iFlex stretch session. The tape can be worn in the shower, and can be taken off any time after the session. Usually after about 3 days, the tape will get loose and fall off itself.