Village At Riverstone -
Sugar land TX

$29 New Client Special

First time 25-Minute Stretch only $29

Village At Riverstone
- Sugar Land TX

Monday - Friday 9 AM - 7 PM
Sat & Sunday 9 AM - 5 PM


Our mission at iFlex Stretch Studios is:

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    To enhance your Active Lifestyle through professional and personally tailored Assisted Stretch Therapies

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    To Tailor a program of Assisted Stretch Therapies specifically for each person.

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    To help you enrich your active lifestyle through convenient and professional Assisted Stretch Therapies in a safe, modern and convenient environment.

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    To provide best in class Assisted Stretch Therapies to help gain flexibility, prevent injuries, increase performance, and promote faster recovery and range of motion that would be impossible without expert assistance.

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Intelligent Assessment

Knowing your unique pattern of restriction is important in order to release tension and balance your joint motion. It is very common to have one side of the body tighter than the other.


Skilled Assisted Stretching

One of the most profound advances in stretching is the evolution of resisted stretching. Studies find that offering resistance while stretching makes a huge difference in the success of the stretch.


Kinesio-taping SUPPORT

Kinesio taping is a specialized tape that is soft, flexible, and very stretchy. When we apply kinesio tape to an area, it gently draws the two ends of that area together.

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