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About iflex

Introducing iFlex Stretch Studios, the newest concept from the founders of The Joint Chiropractic, one of the nation’s leading networks of affordable chiropractic care, which has grown to over 600 locations nationwide. Our team includes Steve and Craig Colmar, co-founders of The Joint Chiropractic, and James Adelman, a leading Joint Chiropractic franchisee, who served on The Joint Chiropractic National Franchise Advisory Board, and also developed and operated the highest performing revenue clinic in the USA for five consecutive years. Steve, Craig, and James are joined in this exciting new venture by Sean Riehl, a nationally recognized neuromuscular therapy expert and producer of over 40 DVDs on massage and bodywork.

iFlex Stretch Studio is now open in the greater Phoenix area.

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      Our mission at iFlex Stretch Studios is:

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        To enhance your Active Lifestyle through professional and personally tailored Assisted Stretch Therapies

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        To Tailor a program of Assisted Stretch Therapies specifically for each person.

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        To help you enrich your active lifestyle through convenient and professional Assisted Stretch Therapies in a safe, modern and convenient environment.

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        To provide best in class Assisted Stretch Therapies to help gain flexibility, prevent injuries, increase performance, and promote faster recovery and range of motion that would be impossible without expert assistance.

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      Intelligent Assessment

      Knowing your unique pattern of restriction is important in order to release tension and balance your joint motion. It is very common to have one side of the body tighter than the other.


      Skilled Assisted Stretching

      One of the most profound advances in stretching is the evolution of resisted stretching. Studies find that offering resistance while stretching makes a huge difference in the success of the stretch.


      Kinesio-taping SUPPORT

      Kinesio taping is a specialized tape that is soft, flexible, and very stretchy. When we apply kinesio tape to an area, it gently draws the two ends of that area together.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      At iFlex, you will receive a stretching that is based on the latest scientific research. We like to call our style Active Stretching. This is because we ask the receiver to actively contract their muscles at certain points in the stretch- so it is active, not passive. This has been shown to be the most effective type of stretching for increasing range of motion. Specifically, active stretching falls in the family of stretching including PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), CRAC (Contract, Relax, Antagonist Contract), MET (Muscle Energy Technique).

      Assisted stretching is more effective than stretching on your own. With assisted stretching, your body receives the resistance feedback it needs to lengthen muscles and relieve tight joints for increased range of motion, flexibility, pain relief, and more that supports an active lifestyle.

      We recommend that clients wear clothing they would feel comfortable stretching in such as loose, soft clothing, or something they would wear to workout or do yoga in for maximum comfort during your assisted stretching session.

      The needs of every individual are unique but consistency offers the best results. We offer convenient membership packages to accommodate any lifestyle, goals, and budget.

      Assisted stretching can reduce and relieve pain by targeting muscle spasms, sore and tight joints and muscles, and more. Assisted stretching may be able to relieve both chronic and acute pain.

      We welcome people of all ages! Anyone of any age can benefit from assisted stretching.  Anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will have to sign our waiver.

      All our stretch therapists are heath-care practitioners licensed with the state of Arizona(or nationally), whether they are massage therapists, personal trainers, physical therapy assistants, or yoga teachers. Each Stretch therapist also undergoes a multiple day training and certification process (both online and in person) where they learn the iFlex stretch and evaluation process. You can trust that our Stretch Therapists are knowledgeable and sensitive to your individual needs.

      Jordan G STAFF PHOTO

      Jordan Graham

      My name is Jordan, I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 10years! I’ve had a passion for health and wellness since I was a kid, growing up watching families deal with healing after life comes our way.. In my 10 years of being an LMT, I’ve had a chance to learn a lot from many great teachers and mentors about the body and some of what it takes to keep us on our toes while moving and grooving. I started my stretch journey over the last few years, seeing first how it improved my work as a massage therapist.. then see how effective it has been keeping myself and clients able to not only keep up with our day to day but to make steady improvements on the way we get back into the world. I know the power of stretch for our physical selves as well as our emotional and spiritual selves! I can’t wait to get a chance to see how we can use stretching to improve our lives together!

      Derrick Colter

      Hey everyone my name is Derrick Colter I am the new Stretch manager here at iflex stretch studios and I couldn’t be more excited to join the team. I was born and raised in Arizona in the East valley. I attended Apollo college in 2008 and through them I became a certified Physical therapy technician/Chiropractic Assistant. I worked in the chiropractic field for 10 plus years where my main job was rehabilitation therapy showing and doing one on one exercises and assisted stretching for all our patients and helping get them out of pain and improve the quality of their life. Stretching is a great way to not only increase your range of motion and flexibility and also decrease pain in most cases and if you’re an active young athlete or a weekend warrior, stretching can also decrease the chances of having soft tissue injuries as well. I’m looking to do the same for our clients here at Iflex stretch studios. Looking forward to meeting you all.

      Derrick STAFF PHOTO

      Jeremiah and Reba Velasquez

      Hey iFlex Team!
      Jeremiah and Reba Velasquez are a husband and wife team joining iFlex stretch studios with a passion for helping people reach their health and wellness goals. Jeremiah and Reba have over 20 years experience in the health and wellness field and certifications include:

      – ISSA Elite Fitness Trainer
      – ISSA Mobility Specialist
      – ISSA Specialist in Exercise Therapy
      – Licensed Massage Therapist

      “We are passionate about helping others achieve happiness in life and when one feels good they excel in life. It’s our goal to help and achieve a happy and well balanced lifestyle that will minimize the risk of future health related issues.”

      Katie Maldonaldo

      “Hi everyone,

      My name is Katie Maldonaldo. I’m originally from Seattle, WA but moved down here almost 2 years ago. I went to Northern Arizona University for my Bachelors in Public Health with a minor in Biology before returning to school to pursue massage therapy. I am now a licensed massage therapist with a focus on sports therapy and am super excited to join the iFlex team. My goal for each client is to improve the quality of life through mobility and movement. “

      Katie STAFF PHOTO
      Lauren STAFF PHOTO


      Hi, my name is Lauren and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2018! I completed a Bachelors in Applied Business Tech but decided to go back to school for Physical Therapy after receiving my massage license. Anatomy is one of my favorite things to learn about and it gets amazingly interesting the deeper I dive! In my off time, I love a good scary movie and baking cookies in-between the scary parts or find me on a trivia night.

      Gabriel Prado

      Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, Self-Defense Instructor, Hatha-Yoga Instructor, Body Transformation, Self-Defense Specialist, and professionally trained to give stretch exercises to manipulate body’s soft tissue to help release body stress and pain. He strongly believes that you look good on the outside when you feel good on the inside. It is the reason Gabriel takes you on a journey with a unique approach to transforming your body and mind Gabriel has made a mark on the fitness community in Virginia and Gilbert/Mesa over the past 25 years.

      Gabriel STAFF PHOTO